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happy thanksgiving. ohh wait. NOT happy. i ATE so much food. i am so so so so pissed. i just want to curl up in a ball for the rest of the weekend. i am so stressed out too. i have SO SO SO SO SO much homework / studying to do for finals week and stuff.. and i just cant bring my fat ass to do it. PLUS -- my boyfriend is being such an asshole. on a holiday of course. he always knows the perfect moments. asshole. i am supposed to go to his thanksgiving too. and if i eat another bite i dont know what i would do. i am so grossed out by myself anyway.. if i ate i cant imagine. eww eww ewwwwwwww. i wish i was nicole richie. <3


ohh and now he's calling.

home sweet home :)

there is like no food in the house and i am loving it. i already burned 100 cal on the tredmill.. and i plan to do it 2 more times.. for a total of 300 cals. i also painted my nails for thanksgiving. like a purpleish color. love it. its pretty boring being home though. not much to do. i really have no intrest in hanging out / talking to old friends. i dont want them to see what a fatty i've turned into. i am excited to see my family though. and i was thinking.. thanksgiving dinner is only bad if you eat EVERYTHING in front of you. turkey breast isnt bad. so i will just eat that and some veggies. no gravy though! and i will just take a few bites of mashed potatoes. OR.. i could also eat nothing all day but thanksgiving dinner. im sure max its only 600 cals. which isnt bad for a day. then i can just tredmill it all off. ahh my master plan. :) :)

Nov. 25th, 2008

soo today i didnt do as good as i wanted to.

toast - 80 cal
3 bites of standwhich - mmm.. no idea really so i will guess high - 150 cal.
air popped pop corn - 20 cal
coffee with milk / sugar - 30 cal

ugh.. too many. and i didnt work out because i had to drive home for college.
tomorrow i neeed to tredmill.
grrrr.. maybe i will watch a thinspo movie or something.



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